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Sufficiently Detailed Description of Each Trip Made

Every trip made in the remunerated passenger transportation sector must have a detailed description. In addition to the type of billing used, you must enter a quantity (e.g. the number of trips made) and other related items and details in your certified sales recording system (SRS).

Note that some details are automatically produced by your SRS.

Descriptive items to specify

You must add the following descriptive items when they apply:

  • Redevance (dues): A note that dues are payable for a trip under the Act respecting remunerated transportation by automobile.

    If your customer leaves without paying, the dues amount should not be sent to us, as it has not been collected. In addition, dues cannot be refunded when a partial credit note is issued.
  • Extra (extra): A note that the customer requested one or more extra items during the trip. You can add a specification for each extra item.
  • Frais de service (service charge): A note that the customer paid a mandatory tip as a service charge.
  • Rabais (discount): A note that a discount was given on the bill's subtotal or related to a particular service.
  • Service de raccompagnement (drive-home service): A note that the trip was for drive-home service. The bill will say “Serv. racc.”
  • Autre (other): A note that an item in the sufficiently detailed description differs from those already provided. You must specify, in detail, the nature of this other item.
  • Annulation (cancellation): A note connected to a closing receipt indicating that the previously sent temporary bill or estimate has been cancelled. Based on the situation, the document produced must say “FACTURE ANNULÉE” or “ESTIMATION ANNULÉE.” In addition, the reason for the cancellation must be specified. 

If you want and your SRS allows, you can also add the following details to most types of billing when they apply:

  • the starting price of the trip;
  • the number of kilometres travelled;
  • the number of minutes of wait time;
  • applicable reservation fees;
  • applicable operating fees (administration and management fees paid to the business);
  • the number of hours connected to the trip, for a paratransit or public transit service whose billing is set by contract or by regulation;
  • a note that a limousine was used for the trip.
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