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Informing You of Your Rights

You have the right to be treated fairly every time you contact us. This section provides information about how we help you uphold your rights. It describes the Charter of Taxpayers' and Mandataries' Rights, which summarizes your rights and our commitments to fairness, confidentiality, accessibility and the protection of your rights. You'll also find information about the Bureau de la protection des droits de la clientèle, which promotes and applies the Charter.

We offer a number of recourse options if you are dissatisfied with any of our decisions. For example, you can file a notice of objection, an appeal or a notice of contestation (support payments).

You have the right to be informed, to be heard and to be treated fairly. Respecting those rights helps build mutual trust and speaks to our service-based approach.

Fair for all means informing you of your rights!

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