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My Account is a personalized space where you can fulfill your tax obligations and manage your tax file online in a secure and confidential setting.

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Services available in My Account

A list of all the services available in My Account is provided below. You can also view all of our online services for individuals, including those not available in My Account.


Your access to online services and information in My Account depends on:

Programs, tax obligations and tax credits

Income tax return
  • View
    • Income tax return for the current year
    • Income tax return for a previous year
    • Tax data
    • Tax preparer download code
    • Notices of assessment and confirmations of accelerated refunds
  • Modify
    • Request a change to an income tax return
Financial information
  • Direct deposit
    • Register
    • View information
    • Change information
  • Statement of account
    • View a statement
  • Collection file
    • View a file
  • Online payment
    • Make a payment on a financial institution's website
  • Pre-authorized debit payment agreement
    • View a file
    • Propose a debit payment agreement 
  • Instalment payments
    • View information
    • Request a remittance slip
  • Work premium and tax credit for childcare expenses
    • View a file
    • Apply for advance payments of the tax credit for childcare expenses
    • Apply for advance payments of the work premium
    • Modify advance payments of the tax credit for childcare expenses
  • Supplement to the work premium
    • View a file
  • Tax credit for caregivers
    • View a file
    • Apply for advance payments of the tax credit for caregivers
    • Modify advance payments of the tax credit for caregivers
  • Tax credit for home-support services for seniors 
    • View information
    • Apply for advance payments of the tax credit for home-support services for seniors
  • Solidarity tax credit
    • View a file
  • Shelter allowance
    • View a file
  • Fuel Tax Exemption for Indians
    • Register
    • Modify registration information or to replace the Attestation
  • Assistance for essential workers
    • View Your Incentive Program to Retain Essential Workers Information (IPREW)
Support payments
  • File
    • View
    • Request a statement of account for support payments
  • Direct deposit
    • Register
    • View information
    • Change information
Authorizations and powers of attorney
  • View or revoke an authorization or a power of attorney
  • Grant an authorization or a power of attorney
  • Act on behalf of an individual
Unclaimed financial assets
  • Claim a financial asset
  • Check the status of a claim
Consumption taxes
  • File
    • GST/HST and QST returns (only available to taxi business operators)
  • File
    • Rebate application
RL-31 slips
  • Prepare the RL-31 slip
  • View the RL-31 slip
  • Amend or cancel RL-31 slips

User profile

Personal information
  • View
    • Profile
  • Modify 
    • Address
    • Email
    • Language of communication
    • Phone and fax numbers
    • Communication preferences


My Account will send you a notification whenever you receive an important document (such as a payment notice or a notice of assessment) in your inbox.


Watch the video to discover some of the features offered in My Account.

How to register

Before registering for My Account, you have to sign in. Use one of the two services below.

Partner (your financial institution)

For help using a sign-in partner to authenticate yourself, see How to Register for My Account for Individuals Through a Sign-In Partner (a Financial Institution) (PDF – 148 KB) or follow these steps:

  1. Click Access My Account and then Sign-In Partner's authentication service.
  2. Select your language on the Government Sign-In by Verified.Me access page.
  3. Select your Sign-In Partner (financial institution).
  4. Confirm your identity by entering your online banking login information.

You can then access My Account or register. 


The first time you use a Sign-In Partner, you will have to provide the following information after completing the four steps above:

  • your social insurance number
  • your date of birth
  • the notice of assessment number from one of your two most recent notices of assessment issued in the last five years or a temporary access code sent upon request only (by text message or automated call if you make your request online or by phone)
  • Revenu Québec will not have access to your financial and banking information. The Sign-In Partner will not know what government service you are using.
  • Do not share your login information with anyone.
clicSÉQUR (Québec government authentication service)

To access My Account via clicSÉQUR, you have to be registred for both clicSÉQUR and My Account.

If you are not registered for clicSÉQUR or My Account, follow the instructions to register. You will need:

For help, see How to Register for My Account for Individuals Through clicSÉQUR (PDF – 169 KB).

If you are registered for clicSÉQUR, you do not need to create a new clicSÉQUR account to access My Account. Use your usual user code and password, and follow the instructions to register for My Acocount.

If you are registered for clicSÉQUR and My Account, use your usual user code and password to sign in. You may have to provide your email address or telephone number to receive a verification code that you will have to enter before accessing My Account.

If you have forgotten your user code and/or password, you will have to start the sign-in process over.

To learn more about the government's authentication service, go to clicSÉQUR – Citoyens.

Conditions for use for My Account

To complete the registration process, you must accept the conditions for use for My Account for individuals.

Conditions for use (version 2011-11-P2)

The individual's responsibilities

Online transactions conducted by means of an identifier and password have all the legal effect of transactions carried out in accordance with instructions given in writing and signed by the individual.

Communication with individuals

My Account includes a secure inbox where Revenu Québec sends messages for individuals related to the laws, programs, agreements and treaties it administers, applies and enforces. The inbox is the user's active address at the time Revenu Québec sends such messages.

Users can access the inbox and retrieve their messages only during secure transactions initiated by entering their identifier and password.

Confidentiality of information

Revenu Québec protects the confidentiality of the data transmitted, and maintains security measures in accordance with its legal obligations in this area.

Data preservation

All transaction data transmitted to Revenu Québec is stored in its data banks and constitutes proof of the transaction in the same way a paper document would.

The Internet transaction data also includes a record of accesses to My Account.

Changes in conditions for use

Revenu Québec may modify the conditions governing the use of My Account at any time, without prior notice, by posting the new conditions on its website. Users agree to consult the site periodically. By continuing to use My Account, users indicate that they accept the changes made by Revenu Québec.

Access to My Account

Access to My Account is not subject to a time limit.

Revenu Québec may suspend or revoke access to My Account at any time and without notice. Access to My Account may therefore be denied at any time, as when there is reason to believe that not all conditions for use have been met or a fiscal law has been violated.

Revenu Québec can also suspend or revoke My Account access if the service remains unused for too long.

Revenu Québec may cancel My Account access where an event (bankruptcy, owner's death, etc.) changes the conditions under which the user was registered. Users may cancel their My Account access at any time.

Availability of My Account online services

Revenu Québec reserves the right to temporarily change or interrupt all or a portion of a My Account online service at any time, without advance notice to the user.

Revenu Québec reserves the right to permanently change or interrupt all or a portion of a My Account online service, after giving advance notice to the user.

Links to other websites

Revenu Québec's website provides links to other sites. This access does not mean that Revenu Québec approves the content of the sites in question or any connecting sites (relating to products, services or equipment, for example).

Legal system

Any dispute that may arise regarding an application for registration for My Account or the conditions for use of My Account is governed by Québec legislation. The user acknowledges the jurisdiction and exclusive competence of the courts of Québec in this respect.

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