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Producing a User Report

Your WEB-SRM-compatible certified sales recording system (SRS) has a function for displaying and producing a user report containing all prescribed information. We may ask you to send us the user report. The function also sends the prescribed information in the report to the WEB-SRM.

You can also use the report to get information on your sales.

The user report must contain the following information:

  1. The name you do business under.
  2. Your GST registration number.
  3. Your QST registration number.
  4. The first and last name of the person linked with the user account.
  5. When applicable, the establishment's complete address, given with the fields separated by commas, as follows:
    • Format: street number, street name, city and postal code
    • If there is a unit number, it must come first followed by a hyphen and the street number (e.g. 100-3800).
  6. The information on the last document produced by the device used to produce the report or by any other device for which the report is requested, as applicable, with or without a network connection, including:
    1. the transaction number generated by the SRS;
    2. the price including taxes;
    3. the print option;
    4. the first 4 characters of the recipient's email address followed by 6 asterisks  (*), or 6 asterisks (*) followed by the last 4 digits of the recipient's phone number (text) if the bill is electronic;
    5. the date and time (hour, minute and second) of the last bill produced by the user;
    6. the date and time (hour, minute and second) we processed the transaction;
    7. the transaction number sent to the WEB-SRM.
  7. A summary of the user's sales from January 1 of the current year to the report production date or, if applicable, to December 31 of the preceding year, including:
    1. the year (current or previous) the transactions were recorded;
    2. the total number of transactions;
    3. the number of payment transactions;
    4. the subtotal before taxes;
    5. the GST;
    6. the QST;
    7. the total after taxes;
    8. the adjusted amount;
    9. the amount due.
  8. The unique device identifier.
  9. The unique SRS identifier.
  10. The SRS version number assigned by the developer.
  11. The date and time (hour, minute and second) the user logged in to their account.
  12. The date and time (hour, minute and second) the report was produced.
  13. The QR code containing the information in the report.
Example of a user report
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