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Change of Address

To change your address online, you can use:

  • the service in My Account for changing an address; or
  • the Service québécois de changement d'adresse on the Qué website. Use this service to change your address with other government departments and agencies in a single step. If you use this service after notifying us of your change of address, do not check the box reserved for us.
  • Some remittance slips and forms are prepared in advance. This means that, if a mailing has been prepared before Revenu Québec is notified of your change of address, a document may be sent to your old address.
  • Within the limits set by the Tax Administration Act, we may share information about you with other government departments and agencies. Therefore, make sure to provide your new address and not that of a third party (such as the person who prepares your income tax returns).
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You will have to provide your social insurance number and some personal information. Make sure you have your income tax return or notice of assessment for the last taxation year on hand.

In most cases, we immediately make the change of address in our files. If we are unable to do so, the time to process your request will be shown on the acknowledgement of receipt provided at the end of the process.

Special cases

If you are an individual in business and you want to change the address of the location where your principal business activities are carried out (and this location is not your place of residence), you must use the online service in My Account for businesses to change your address.

If you are in one of the following situations, you must call or write us to change your address:

  • you did not file an income tax return for one of the past two years;
  • you declared bankruptcy and have not obtained a debt discharge judgment; or
  • you are requesting a change of address regarding a deceased person's file.
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