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The Charter of the French language and its regulations govern the consultation of English-language content.

System Requirements

Using our site

Our site is designed to comply with Web standards, and can generally be accessed using all recent browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.), regardless of the platform used (Mac, Linux, Windows, etc.). However, presentation may vary.

To use all the features on this site, you must:

  • enable JavaScript
  • accept cookies from our website
  • have software such as Adobe Reader for reading PDF files
If you use forms that can be completed onscreen, make sure your PDF reader is set to execute JavaScript.
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Using our online services

Our goal is to adapt our online services to each individual's technological environment—different screen resolutions, browsers and platforms (PC, Mac, etc.). However, some of our computer systems may not yet support all environments.

To use our online services, you must:

  • set your browser to display pop-up windows on our website
  • enable JavaScript
  • accept cookies from our website 
  • have Adobe Reader 9 or later

Furthermore, we recommend that you use only one Web browser at a time to access our online services. Accessing more than one service at the same time may cause connection problems.

If a spam filter is installed in your electronic mailbox, make sure it does not block emails from [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected].

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