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Amounts to be Sent

For each transaction, you must send us:

  • the amount before taxes;
  • the GST amount;
  • the QST amount;
  • the amount after taxes.

The amount before taxes (the subtotal) must include all amounts to be paid (except the taxes), including any service charges.

You must also send the following amounts, if applicable.

Adjusted amount

The adjusted amount is applicable to the after-tax amount. It can be a coupon, a refund, an adjustment due to phasing out of the penny, etc.

Amount due

The amount due is the amount after taxes and after applying the adjusted amount.

Instalment payments

If your customer pays in several instalments, a transaction can be sent for each instalment received. In this case, you must send us the following amounts:

  • the current instalment;
  • the total of all previous instalments;
  • the balance due.

Note that each transaction sent for a new payment must refer to the preceding payment transaction.


If a customer voluntarily leaves a tip and you want to include it in the items on the bill, you must send us the amount of the tip and the first and last name of the person who receives it (for a shared tip, the person's first name must be preceded by the pound sign).

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