Direct Deposit

If you have an account at a financial institution with an establishment in Canada, we can deposit the following into it:

  • income tax refunds
  • payments under social programs, such as the shelter allowance
  • benefits and other tax-related payments
Need help registering for direct deposit in My Account?

The fastest and easiest way to register for direct deposit is to use My Account for individuals. If you need help, see guide IN-548.IM-V, Registering for Direct Deposit or Changing Banking Information, for step-by-step instructions. 

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How to register for direct deposit or change your direct deposit information

You can register for direct deposit or change your account information in any of the following ways:

  • Use My Account for individuals.
  • Register online through your financial institution (if your financial institution offers this service). 
  • Enclose a void cheque with your name and social insurance number on it with your income tax return.
  • Complete a Request for Direct Deposit (form LM-3-V).

If you are filing your income tax return online, you must provide the following information:

  • the branch number of your financial institution
  • the financial institution number
  • your account number

Example of a cheque

If you have changed accounts and notified us of the change, it is important not to close your old account until the next payment is deposited into your new account. This way, you will be sure to avoid any interruption of your payments.
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You can also view your direct deposit information in My Account for individuals.

The benefits of direct deposit

Direct deposit makes sense because it eliminates the risk of cheques being lost or stolen and guarantees that you will receive the following, even if there is a postal strike or if you are sick or away from home:

Direct deposit registration – Managing support payments

To register for direct deposit to manage your support payments, select Register in the Support payments menu in My Account for individuals.

For information on how to register for direct deposit quickly and easily in My Account, see Registering for Direct Deposit or Changing Banking Information (IN-548.IM-V).

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Cancelling direct deposit

Your direct deposit registration will remain in effect until you request that we cancel it in writing or by telephone. However, if you are entitled to the solidarity tax credit, you must be registered for direct deposit to receive it.

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