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Obligation to Display Your QST Registration Number and Provide Certain Information

If you operate a taxi business and you are subject to mandatory billing measures, you must display your QST registration number in every vehicle you use to transport passengers as part of your business.

Your number must be displayed so that a passenger in the back seat can read it.


This obligation does not apply to you if you only offer services organized or coordinated through a digital platform or an electronic system (for example, Uber), since passengers can see your registration number once the terms of the fare have been set in writing.

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You can complete document TR-350.68-V, QST Registration Number — Mandatory Billing in the Remunerated Passenger Transportation Sector, to meet your QST registration number display obligations.

If you do not use document TR-350.68-V, you must make sure that your QST registration number is displayed as required by law and meets the following criteria:

  • The number is in black on a white background.
  • The font used is Arial 48-point or bigger, in bold.
  • The minimum height of the characters is 12 millimetres, and the minimum width is 5 millimetres for the number 1 and 8 millimetres for the other numbers.
  • It is centered horizontally and positioned so that:
    • on the first line, the first two numbers are followed by a single space and the following eight numbers are in two groups of four, separated by a single space,
    • on the following line, the letters “TQ” are followed by the last four numbers.

Obligation to provide certain information during an inspection

If you are inspected under mandatory billing measures in the remunerated passenger transportation sector, you must be prepared to provide the prescribed information.

The following information must be listed in a document kept in every vehicle you use to transport people as part of your business:

  • your QST registration number (for example, 1234567890TQ0001);
  • your name or your taxi business name;
  • the driver's name;
  • whether or not the driver is the taxi business operator;
  • the driver's and the operator's signatures.

You can use form TR-350.69-V, Information About the Operator of a Taxi Business and the Driver of a Vehicle, to record the required information.

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