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One mission. Concrete actions.

In carrying out our mission, we draw on our vision and values to guide everything we do. Our integrity, our respect for taxpayers and our commitment to fairness and service excellence shine through in concrete actions to support you every time you contact us.

Simplifying tax administration

Read about our administrative streamlining measures for businesses, electronic signatures and our other efforts to make things easier for taxpayers and mandataries.

Learn more about how we simplify tax administration

Providing quality services

We use our service statement and surveys we conduct as our roadmap to providing first-rate services in accordance with specific standards.

Learn more about how we provide quality services

Informing you of your rights

To know your rights, read the Charter of Taxpayers' and Mandataries' Rights that our Bureau de la protection des droits de la clientèle enforces. If you are dissatisfied or feel your rights have not been respected, you have a number of recourse options.

Learn more about your rights

Helping you meet your obligations

We use a variety of methods, such as a support program and providing information on our role in the sharing economy, to help you understand the tax system and meet your tax obligations.

Learn more about how we help you meet your tax obligations

Ensuring tax compliance

We fight tax evasion and take action when our clients fail to meet their tax obligations. We also provide information about tax audits, reporting non-compliance, penalties and interest, and debt collection.

Learn more about how we ensure tax compliance

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One mission. Concrete actions.

Read all about how we work to support and inform you. Our vision and values guide us as we carry out our role.

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