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Registering as a Partner

Registration procedures vary according to the type of partner. See below for the registration information that applies to you.

Product developer

The following natural or legal persons seeking to develop or adapt products that meet our requirements can become developer partners:

To become a developer partner, you must:

Once you have registered online and we have received your form, we will check whether you meet all the requirements to become a partner. Once your registration has been accepted, we will email you a user code, which will allow you to access:

  • the documents for partners specific to the field of activity for which you wish to register your products;
  • My Account for partners to add resource people and register your products.

The email will also contain the procedure for creating your temporary password, which is required to access My Account for partners the first time.

My Account for partners is a personalized online space that is only for product developers registered as partners. It allows them to manage their files in a secure and confidential manner. If product developer want to take full advantage of all the services offered in My Account, they must keep their files up to date, including the information about their business, their products and their contact people.

See My Account for partners for more information. To directly access the space, click the button below or the one in the upper right-hand corner of your screen.

Access My Account

SRM installer

For authorization to act as a sales recording module (SRM) installer in Québec restaurant establishments, you must follow the registration and authorization procedures below.

You must first:

In addition, you must meet all the requirements set out in the Act respecting the Québec sales tax listed in Part 6 of form VD-350.56.IN-V.

The public has a right to expect the highest level of integrity from a person holding such an authorization; therefore, we ensure:

  • that you have filed all the returns required under Québec tax laws;
  • that you have paid all amounts owed to the Minister of Revenue of Québec, unless a payment agreement has been concluded or the recovery of the debt has been legally suspended.

If, once your application has been processed, we find that you meet the requirements outlined above, we will authorize you to act as an SRM installer. In addition, we will mail you a user code for accessing the documents reserved for authorized installers on our website.

Kyndryl Canada, the company responsible for supplying SRMs, will contact you to explain how you can acquire them.

If, however, we decline your application for authorization, we will send you a letter explaining why.

QESI promoter, trustee or mandatary

To register as a promoter, trustee or mandatary in the Québec education savings incentive (QESI) field of activity, follow the steps given below.

  1. Download the following documents: 
    • either the Québec Education Savings Incentive Agreement: Trustee (SW-12-V) and the Convention relative à l'incitatif québécois à l'épargne-études – Fiduciaire (SW-12) or the Québec Education Savings Incentive Agreement: Promoter (SW-13-V) and the Convention relative à l'incitatif québécois à l'épargne-études – Promoteur (SW-13-V);
    • form SW-172-V, Request for Assistance: Authorized Resource Persons in the Québec Education Savings Incentive Field of Activity.
  2. Email the request for assistance, along with a PDF copy of the French version of the agreement, duly completed and signed by an authorized person, to the address given in the request for assistance so that we can validate your registration. If the trust's or promoter's address is outside Québec, you may request an English version of the agreement. In this case, both the French and English versions must be signed and emailed together.
  3. Once you have received confirmation that everything is in order, send two original, signed copies of the French version of the agreement to the address below by registered mail. One of the copies will be returned to you once it has been signed by a representative of the Minister of Revenue.

    Direction de l'évolution des processus relatifs aux programmes sociofiscaux
    Revenu Québec
    3800, rue de Marly, secteur 3-2-2
    Québec (Québec)  G1X 4A5
  4. Once you receive the signed copy, complete the documents listed below and email them to the address given in the request for assistance (form SW-172-V). Once you have received confirmation that everything is in order, send the documents by registered mail to the address given in step 3. Make sure the Minister's representative has signed the agreement before dating the forms. 
    • Request for Direct Deposit: Registered Education Savings Plan Trustees (LM-5-V)
    • Authorized Resource Persons Registration Form: Québec Education Savings Incentive (SW-35-V)
    • Québec Education Savings Incentive: Notice of Appointment of a Mandatary (TP-890.15-V

You will also need the following documents regarding product certification:

  • Trustee Guide: Québec Education Savings Incentive (IN-875-T) (courtesy translation);
  • Québec Education Savings Incentive: Interface Transaction Standards (SW-208-T) (courtesy translation);
  • Québec Education Savings Incentive: Data Interface Operations and Connectivity (SW-209-T) (courtesy translation);
  • Québec Education Savings Incentive: Transfer Between Registered Education Savings Plans (RESP) (TP-1029.8.IQ-V).

Product certification

Note that any person you designate to go through the process to obtain certification for a product in the QESI field of activity must register as a Revenu Québec partner by following the process for registering as a product developer.

For more information, email a request for assistance (form SW-172-V) to the address given in the form.

Documents for partners

See the list of documents for partners for the latest version of documents applicable to your field of activity, such as:

  • technical guides required to develop or adapt your products; 
  • guides that you can use when carrying out tests; 
  • calendar showing the availability of the draft and final versions of forms, to help you plan your work; 
  • the forms that may be reproduced or developed as draft or final versions. 
Access to most documents for product developers and SRM installers is restricted. To access the documents, enter the user code we email you once you are registered as a partner.

Access documents

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