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Sufficiently Detailed Description of Each Meal, Property or Service

You must provide a detailed description of each meal, property or service supplied in the restaurant sector, by entering the following information in your WEB-SRM-compatible certified sales recording system (SRS):

  • the number of meals, properties or services sold;
  • a sufficiently detailed description of them (e.g. vegetable soup, salad bar, daily special No. 1 , table d'hôte No. 2, coffee or soft drink).

In addition, if payment of an admission or other property or services includes at least one drink, the number of drinks and a detailed description of each one must appear on the bill.

Note Generic terms

If you use generic terms on your bills to describe the food or beverages sold (for example, “daily special No. 1” or “table d'hôte No. 2”), you must keep a copy of your menus and other similar documents. The copies you keep must describe the food and beverages that go with the terms used (do not use the term “various“ in the description) and provide the applicable prices and the dates the prices apply.

This requirement does not apply to buffets.

End of note

Standarized descriptions

The following descriptions must be standardized:

  • Contrat (contract): This description indicates that the rate was determined in an agreement. You must include the following details:
    • a reference (e.g., the agreement number or the customer's name);
    • the actual date of the supply;
    • the actual or agreed-upon number of people covered by the supply;
    • the date the consideration becomes payable;
    • a brief description of the contract (e.g. catering service or group event).
  • Forfait (package): This description must be written in capital letters and followed by the drinks, food, property or services included in the package. The price of each item can be nil. However, if you decide to give the value of each item, the price of the FORFAIT description must correspond to the negative sum of all items included in the package.
  • Frais de service (service charge): This description indicates that you're adding a mandatory tip as a service charge.
  • Annulation (cancellation): This description on a closing receipt indicates that the previously sent temporary bill or estimate has been cancelled. Based on the situation, the document produced must say “FACTURE ANNULÉE” or “ESTIMATION ANNULÉE.” In addition, a note must explain the reason for the cancellation.
  • Rabais (discount): This description indicates that a discount was given on the bill's subtotal or in relation to a particular service.
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