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The Charter of the French language and its regulations govern the consultation of English-language content.

Social Media Policy

This document sets out Revenu Québec's social media policy. Specifically, it explains our social media vision and goals, and defines the nature of the content we plan to share.

Our mission is to make sure that all taxpayers contribute their fair share toward the funding of Québec's public services. To that end, we administer the Québec tax system by collecting income tax and consumption taxes. We also manage a number of programs entrusted to us by the government and offer a variety of other services.

Our social media presence will reflect our core values—integrity, respect and fairness—and will be based on the principles of accessibility and transparency. What's more, in all our social media exchanges, we pledge to serve taxpayers by providing information that is clear and simple.

The goal of our social media presence is to establish a dynamic means of communicating with taxpayers in order to provide quality information, to emphasize the importance of meeting fiscal obligations and to promote our services and career opportunities.

To that end, we pledge to use social media to produce content that is both relevant and consistent with our mission and orientations.

Questions about a tax file

We cannot emphasize enough that Revenu Québec will not answer any questions about an individual's or a business's tax file, nor disclose any personal information, via social media. Such questions must be addressed to the appropriate branch of our client services.

Response time

We undertake to answer taxpayers within a reasonable time based on our business hours and service statement (in French only). That said, the time needed for us to reply may vary depending on the number of questions we receive and any emergencies that may arise.

Likewise, the various social media platforms we use may become temporarily unavailable for reasons beyond our control. Since these platforms belong to a third party, we cannot be held responsible for such situations.

Validity of information

Any information we release on social media is valid on the day it is published. We reserve the right to remove any content we deem to be outdated.

Moreover, official documents will always take precedence over social media content.

French-language framework

In accordance with Québec's legal framework governing the use of French, all of our social media content will be in French. We will reply to English comments and questions on a case-by-case basis. If someone mentions that they do not understand French, we will notify them that, under the Charter of the French language, they must communicate with us in French, unless an exception applies. In that case, we will ask the person to send us a private message. 

Employee opinions

Some Revenu Québec employees identify themselves as such on social media. The views and opinions they express, however, are their own and do not reflect those of Revenu Québec.


To comment on our use of social media, write to [email protected]. We will reply as quickly as possible.

As social media evolves at a lightning pace, we reserve the right to change our social media or netiquette policy or to close a social media account without prior notice.

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