Authorized Products

Authorized software

Software authorized by Revenu Québec consists of computer programs that software developers have created to help individuals and businesses complete and transmit the documents required by Revenu Québec. Software is authorized when it is deemed to have met Revenu Québec's technical, technological and systemic requirements.

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Certified compliant sales recording systems

A sales recording system (SRS) is a product used in the restaurant sector to manage and record sales and to generate bills. SRS developers can apply to obtain a certificate of compliance, which confirms that an SRS meets Revenu Québec's technical specifications and is compatible with the sales recording module (SRM). This section contains a list of all the SRSs that have been certified compliant by Revenu Québec and their features.

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SRM-Compatible Receipt Printers

Most thermal printers currently used in the restaurant sector are compatible with the sales recording module (SRM). This section lists all the receipt printers that are compatible with the SRM and outlines the features of each one.

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