Notice of Assessment

We issue a notice of assessment for every income tax return you file. Notices are generally mailed out, unless you specifically ask to receive yours online. They are also available online in My Account at any time, even if you filed your return by mail.

We start processing returns in March and generally issue a notice of assessment within 14 days for a return filed online or 28 days for a return filed by mail. Processing times may vary if you file your return after March 31.

Viewing your notice of assessment online

You can view your recent notices of assessment online at any time in My Account for individuals. This is the fastest way to find your notice of assessment number if you can't find the paper version.

To find out how to sign in to My Account, click My Account for individuals.

Note Want to go paper-free?

You can stop receiving your notices of assessment by mail at any time. To get them only online, you can:

  • make your choice when you file your return online;
  • complete the copy of form TP-1008-V, Consent to Online Correspondence Only, that is included in the income tax return package (TP-1.FG-V) when you file by mail (the package is only available on paper). 
End of note

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