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Express Services (clicSÉQUR Express)

clicSÉQUR express (the Québec government's authentication service) lets you securely access the online services below.

GST/HST and QST Returns

Purpose of the service

To complete and file your GST/HST (goods and services tax or harmonized sales tax) and your QST (Québec sales tax) returns online, generally for a period that has just ended.

Returns for periods before the period just ended can be filed using My Account for businesses or My Account for professional representatives.

Access Service for filing the GST/HST and QST return

Submit a consumption tax rebate application

Purpose of the service

To submit a consumption tax rebate application that has been completed onscreen and saved on the computer.

Access Service for submitting a consumption tax rebate application

Demande de remboursement gouvernemental de la TVQ pour un ministère ou un organisme

This service is available in French only.

Transmission des sommaires périodiques des ventes

This service is available in French only.

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