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Configuring the Sales Recording System

So that your certified sales recording system (SRS) can communicate with the WEB-SRM, you need a mandatory billing file number and an authorization code to configure your SRS and obtain a digital certificate.

To obtain your file number and authorization code, you have to ask us to open an operator file. You can:

Note If you are currently using an SRM

If you are currently using one or more sales recording modules (SRMs) in your restaurant establishment, you already have a mandatory billing file number.

To get an authorization code, complete form (FO-350.CA-V), Application to Obtain an Authorization Code for a Restaurant Establishment. If you need to get an authorization code quickly, contact us.

End of note

It can take up to 90 minutes to activate your authorization code.

Your authorization code is confidential. You are responsible for its use and must keep it in a secure location.

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Configuring the SRS allows you to:

  • implement the necessary security measures to protect the confidential information shared online;
  • identify the SRS and user account for each transaction sent to us.

Required information to configure your SRS

You will need the following information to configure your SRS:

  • the name under which you do business and that is shown on your bills;
  • the user's first and last name or the name of your business or establishment;
  • your business's or establishment's mandatory billing file number, composed of two letters and four numbers (e.g. TR0001 for a remunerated passenger transportation business and ER0001 for a restaurant establishment);
  • the QST registration number of your business or establishment (e.g. 1234567890TQ0001);
  • the GST registration number of your business or establishment (e.g. 123456789RT0001);
  • your authorization code (e.g. X9X9-X9X9);
  • the name you want to give your digital certificate so it can be identified if it's revoked in the event of equipment breakage or theft, and which is shown in My Account for businesses (e.g. ABC SRS);
  • the province (QC) and country (CA) abbreviation for your business's or establishment's address;
  • the coordinated universal time (UTC) for your business's or establishment's address (e.g. -05:00 or -04:00 for the Îles-de-la-Madeleine). 
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