Netiquette Policy

We use social media as an interactive way to provide taxpayers with quality information, stress the importance of meeting tax obligations and promote our services and career opportunities.

We will not answer any questions about an individual's or a business's tax file or disclose any personal information via social media. Such questions must be addressed to our client services.

Rules of conduct

We intend for our social media exchanges to be respectful and courteous. To that end, we will not tolerate any content that:

  • is defamatory, hateful, racist, xenophobic, sexist, vulgar, obscene, threatening, insulting, offensive, abusive, incomprehensible or off-topic;  
  • is repeated or is unjustifiably written in capital letters;
  • constitutes advertising or propaganda;
  • contains personal or confidential information (tax-related or otherwise);
  • promotes or discredits an individual, an organization, a product or a political party;
  • reveals the identity of a Revenu Québec employee without his or her consent (by name, in a photograph, or through any other means).  

Accordingly, we reserve the right to:

  • delete any such content without prior notice; 
  • report and ban or block users in accordance with the procedures of the various social media platforms. 

Rest assured that we will read all comments and questions carefully. However, we reserve the right to not reply systematically to every message we receive.

Protection of confidential information

Our social media accounts are public and are not housed on our servers. Depending on traffic, data may travel through servers abroad on its way to your computer. Before interacting with us on a social media platform, be sure to read its confidentiality policy:

Be careful not to reveal any personal or sensitive information about yourself or others on social media. You should also be aware that all information you provide (including comments, private messages, likes and retweets) is subject to the Access to Information Act and the Privacy Act.

There are also a number of security rules you can follow to protect your personal information.

Authenticity of content

You must make sure that any content you publish is authentic and does not violate the rights of a third party (copyright, confidentiality, etc.).


You can post links to other Web pages, provided the content of those pages is relevant to the topic being discussed. That said, we do not endorse the content of any third-party pages.

As stated above, advertising and spam will not be tolerated.

Subjects not addressed via social media

We will not answer any questions concerning the following subjects via social media. Instead, see our website.


We generally handle our social media accounts on weekdays during regular business hours. Those hours may, however, be extended in an emergency situation, in which case priority is given to the more pressing information. As a result, when such a situation occurs, ongoing discussions on other subjects may be delayed or suspended.


To report abuse or to comment on our use of social media, write to We will reply as quickly as possible.

Conditions for use

In addition to complying with our netiquette policy, you must respect the conditions for use of the various social media platforms, which you can view by clicking the links below.

Note that we have no control over the advertisements that appear automatically on social media pages and thus do not endorse their content.

In addition, following a Twitter account, Facebook page or LinkedIn profile does not mean that we support or endorse the views and opinions expressed therein. Likewise, retweeting or sharing content does not mean that we endorse the views or opinions of the author. Neither does it signal a change in Revenu Québec's position.

We reserve the right to block or revoke the access rights of any follower whose words or actions we deem to be inappropriate.

Lastly, as social media evolves at a lightning pace, we reserve the right to change our social media or netiquette policy or to close a social media account without prior notice.

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