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Line 10.2 – Consent to receiving correspondence online only

You can choose to receive correspondence from us in My Account for individuals only whenever possible. My Account is a secure space at revenuquebec.ca. You must register to access it. If you are not yet registered, see our website for instructions.

Services in My Account

In My Account, you can access:

  • your notice of assessment;
  • your notice of determination for the solidarity tax credit;
  • various messages regarding your income tax return and benefits;
  • messages regarding the shelter allowance program or your support payment file;
  • all correspondence that can be sent to you online.

New message in My Account

We notify you by email when we send something to your secure inbox in My Account. Check your secure inbox regularly and keep your email address in My Account up to date.

How to give your consent

Si vous souhaitez consentir à ce que nous vous envoyions des communications, y compris des avis, par voie électronique uniquement,

To consent to receiving correspondence, including notices, online only:

  • enter your email address on line 10.1 of your return; and
  • check the box on line 10.2 of your return.

Your consent remains valid until you revoke it.

Revoking consent

At any time, you can revoke your consent to receiving correspondence online only by changing your preferences in My Account. If you do so, we will resume sending you correspondence by mail.

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