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12. Deduction for a Repayment of Support (Line 250)

You can deduct the support that you repaid if:

  • the amount was repaid during the year or in one of the previous two years; 
  • the amount was repaid under a court order; 
  • the amount was not deducted in a previous year; and 
  • you included an equivalent amount as support in your income for the year or for a previous year.

If the portion of the repayment related to previous years is $300 or more, enter it on line 276 as well and check box 404 of your return. Complete form TP-766.2-V, Averaging of a Retroactive Payment, Support-Payment Arrears or a Repayment of Support, and enclose it with your return. We will calculate a tax adjustment that may reduce your income tax for the year.

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