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466 – Financial compensation for home-support services

If you completed Schedule J and there is an amount in box E of your RL-19 slip, complete Work Chart 466 to find out whether you are entitled to financial compensation for home-support services.

If you moved or fewer services were included in your rent in 2022 and you did not notify us in 2022, take into account only the months preceding the date you moved or the date one or more services ceased to be included in your rent. For example, if you moved into a new dwelling in May, take into account only the eligible services included in your rent for the months of January through April when completing Work Chart 466.

If there is a date in box F of your RL-19 slip, take into account only the months preceding that date.

Special case

If the cost of services included in your rent changed more than once in the year, do the calculation on lines 20 through 27 of Work Chart 466 for each month the cost of services changed and enter the result of your calculations on line 30 of the work chart.

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