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395 – Tax credits for donations and gifts

You can claim the following tax credits on line 395:

  • the tax credit for charitable donations and other gifts;
  • the additional tax credit for a large cultural donation;
  • the tax credit for cultural patronage.

To calculate the amount that you can claim on line 395, complete either Work Chart 395 or Schedule V.

You must complete Work Chart 395 if both of the following statements apply to your situation:

  • Your donations and gifts were all made in 2023 (in other words, you are not carrying to 2023 an amount for donations and gifts made in a previous year).
  • Your donations and gifts were all monetary donations (cash donations, donations made by cheque, credit card or money order, donations made by wire payment or electronic funds transfer) made to one of the following donees:
    • a registered charity;
    • a registered Canadian amateur athletic association;
    • a registered Québec amateur athletic association;
    • a recognized political education organization; or
    • a registered journalism organization.

The tax credit rate is 20% for the first $200 of the donation and 24% or 25.75% for the rest.

You can carry forward an amount that you do not use to claim the tax credit up to five years after the year of the donation.

Enter the total of your charitable donations and gifts on line 1 of the work chart.


If you are a member of a religious order who has taken a vow of perpetual poverty and all or part of your charitable donations and gifts were made to your religious order, enter the total of those donations and gifts on line 1 of Work Chart 395.

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If neither of the statements applies to your situation, you must complete Schedule V.

You must also complete Schedule V to claim:

  • the tax credit for a large cultural donation for your first monetary donation of at least $5,000;
  • the tax credit for cultural patronage for a monetary donation of at least $250,000 to the same donee.
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