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How to Complete Your Income Tax Return

The information on this page will help you complete your income tax return.

Filing methods


If you want to file your return using software, make sure the software you use is authorized for filing the personal income tax return.

Paper forms

To complete your return on paper, you will need the new income tax return package (TP-1.FG-V), which includes the guide, return and schedules.

To get one:

Note Important
If you filed your income tax return on paper last year, you should automatically receive the new income tax return package in the mail by mid-February 2023 (exceptions apply).
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When completing an income tax return using our paper forms, follow the instructions below.

  • Use blue or black ink.
  • Remember to sign and date your return and to provide your telephone number(s).
Note Important

Whether you file your return using software or on paper, do not include the following:

  • your RL slips;
  • your federal information slips (except those for income earned outside Québec); or
  • your receipts and other supporting documents (except where otherwise indicated).
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However, you must keep all your slips and supporting documents (paper or electronic) in case we ask for them. As a rule, you are required to keep them for six years following the taxation year to which they relate. See What to Do with Your RL Slips, Receipts and Other Supporting Documents for more information.

RL slips and information slips

You should have received all of the slips needed to file your tax return by late February. However, the RL-15 slip (see courtesy translation RL-15.EX-T) and the RL-16 slip (see courtesy translation RL-16-T) do not have to be sent to you until the end of March.

Refer to the instructions on your RL slips to find out on which line of the return you must enter the amounts shown on the slips. (For information in English, see the courtesy translations of the RL slips.)


You will not receive the slips you need to complete your income tax return from us—it is up to the issuer of each slip to send it to you. The RL-2 slip, for example, is sent by Retraite Québec.

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Missing information

If you do not have access to your RL slips and information slips or to information regarding your instalment payments or interest we have paid you, you have two options:

Need help?

If you need help completing your return, refer to:

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