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Overpayments of Support

If you were overpaid an amount of support, you will have to repay it. You will receive a demand for payment by mail.

You have 10 days from the date you received the demand to repay the amounts you owe. If you do not pay in the time provided, we can take measures to recover the amounts. For more information, see Collection of Support Debt.

Example of overpayment

Marthe receives two support payments per month. The payer of support recently changed jobs and now earns less. They ask to have the support amount reassessed. A new judgment reduces the support retroactively to the start date of payer's new job. Because Marthe received more than the amount shown in the new judgment for the period from start date of the new job and the date of the judgment, she receives a demand for payment for the overpayment.

Do you disagree with a demand for payment?

If you disagree with a demand for payment we sent you, see Recourse for Support Payments to find out what your options are.

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