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Your Support File in Five Steps

When a judgment awarding support is handed down, the courthouse sends us a copy. On receiving the judgment, we set up a support file and begin collecting and paying the support.

Here's how we handle support files, from the time we receive the judgment to the time we begin paying the support to the recipient.

Step What we do
1. Receive the judgment We make sure the judgment is in order.
2. Open the file We contact the payer of support and the support recipient. 
3. Determine the collection procedure
  • If the payer of support is a salaried employee, we send their employer a deduction notice.
  • If the payer of support is not a salaried employee, we send them a payment order directly.
4. Receive the amounts owing
  • If the support is paid under a deduction notice, the employer remits the amounts deducted from the person's pay to us.
  • If the support is paid under a payment order, the payer of support remits the amounts directly to us.
5. Pay the support

We pay the support to the support recipient by direct deposit or cheque on the 1st and the 16th of each month.

Note Not registered for direct deposit of support payments yet?
Use the online service in My Account for individuals to register.
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Note My Account for individuals

My Account is a quick and easy way to view information about your support file anytime.

Use My Account to:

  • view your support file (e.g. judgments, payments, indexation, billing, notices);
  • view your annual account statement or request a statement for a specific period;
  • update the information in your support file.

My Account for individuals. Your file at your fingertips—anytime!

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