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You Start Receiving Last-Resort Financial Assistance (Social Assistance or Social Solidarity)

Payer of support

If you receive last-resort financial assistance (social assistance or social solidarity) and you do not pay the support you owe, we will take the necessary steps to recover it.

Note that these steps may cause processing delays and we cannot advance support to the support recipient.

Support recipient

If you receive last-resort financial assistance, you must tell the Ministère de l'Emploi et de la Solidarité sociale (MESS) that you also receive support payments.

Support paid regularly

If you receive support on a regular basis, your last-resort financial assistance will take into account the support you receive.

If you have dependent children, all or part of the support you receive for each dependent child will not be deducted from your last-resort financial assistance benefits. For more information, see the Social Assistance and Social Solidarity page on the Québec government's website.

Support paid irregularly

If you receive support on an irregular basis, you must notify the MESS. The MESS will take this into account when calculating your last-resort financial assistance payments.

The MESS will contact us on your behalf to ensure that your support payments are being collected and paid. We will then take the necessary steps to collect the support from the person who owes it. Once we start collecting it, we remit it to the MESS for as long as you receive last-resort financial assistance.

Note that this has no financial consequences for you. You will continue to receive the support to which you are entitled—the only difference is that it will be paid to you by the MESS as part of your last-resort financial assistance.

You stop receiving last-resort financial assistance (social assistance or social solidarity)

The MESS will let us know if you stop receiving last-resort financial assistance (social assistance or social solidarity).

From then on, if we collect support you are owed, we will pay it according to the terms of the judgment.

Any arrears will be reimbursed in proportion to the amounts owing to:

  • you;
  • the MESS (amounts that it paid you for support while you were receiving last-resort financial assistance).

Viewing your file

You can use the online service for viewing support files in My Account for individuals to see correspondence about your file and get information, including information about judgments, invoices, support indexation and security provided.

Note Important

If you receive support and would like your payments to be deposited directly into your account, register for support payment direct deposit in My Account.

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