Someone Concerned by the Support File Dies

In most cases, the death of the payer of support, support recipient or child beneficiary ends the obligation to pay support as of the date of death.

Death of the payer of support

If arrears are owed when the payer of support dies, we will file a claim with the deceased's succession. If they are not paid, we may take action to recover them.

Death of the support recipient

If the support recipient dies, we will:

  • continue to collect any arrears accumulated as of the date of death;
  • remit any arrears to the support recipient's succession. 

Death of a child for whom support is payable

The death of a child for whom support is payable affects the collection of support, depending on whether the support is payable for one child or for several children.

Support payable for one child

If support is payable for only one child, it will cease to be collected retroactively to the date of the child's death. A new judgment is not needed.

Support payable for more than one child

If support is payable for more than one child and one of the children dies, you must obtain a new judgment to determine the support payable for the other children, unless support was originally determined for each child separately.

Until the new judgment is obtained, we will continue to collect the support according to the original judgment.

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