Indexation of Support Payments

Support payments are indexed on January 1 each year under the Civil Code of Québec.

Indexation applies to all judgments awarding support, unless the judgment specifies otherwise.

Note Important

Your support payments are indexed automatically each year, even if you are exempt from the support-payment collection program under a judgment.

End of note
Indexation rates for support payments according to the annual Pension IndexSee note 1.1
Year Rate
2023 6.5%
2022 2.7%
2021 1.0%
2020 1.9%
2019 2.3%
2018 1.5%
2017 1.4%
  1. Note 1Support payments are indexed on January 1 each year in accordance with the annual Pension Index set out in the Act respecting the Québec Pension Plan.

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