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Did You Make Your Support Payments Late?

If you made your support payments late, you will receive a demand for payment by mail. You have 10 days from the date you received the demand to pay the amount owing.

How to pay an amount owing

To pay an amount owing right away:

  • complete the detachable remittance slip (included with the demand for payment we sent you);
  • attach a cheque or money order payable to the Fonds des pensions alimentaires (write the number shown on the remittance slip on the front of the cheque);
  • insert the remittance slip and the cheque or money order into the return envelope;
  • mail us the return envelope within 10 days of receiving the demand for payment.

You can also pay the amount owing online. Ask your financial institution or online payment service provider to find out whether you can make an online payment.

Payment already made

If you have already paid all or part of the amount owing, contact us immediately so that we can make the necessary corrections to our records.

Make sure that you can provide proof of all payments made, such as:

  • receipts signed by the person who received the support payments;
  • the originals of cashed cheques; and
  • proof of funds transferred.
Note Important

Under the Act to facilitate the payment of support, you cannot make payments directly to the support recipient once we have taken charge of your file. Instead, you must send all amounts owing to us; any payments you make directly to the support recipient may not be taken into account.

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Inability to pay by the prescribed deadline

If you are unable to pay the amounts owing in full by the prescribed deadline, contact us immediately to establish the terms of payment.

However, we will not make an agreement with you unless you can prove that it is impossible for you to pay the amount owing by the prescribed deadline. You may be required to:

  • provide documents or information concerning your financial situation; and
  • explain what steps, if any, you have taken to obtain a loan from a financial institution or provide security.
Note Important

Your payment agreement proposal must first be approved by the support recipient.

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No response to a demand for payment

If you do not respond to our demand for payment within 10 days of receiving it, certain remedies provided by the Act to facilitate the payment of support may be used. For example, we may:

  • apply any amounts owed to you by a public body (such as your income tax refund) to the payment of your debt;
  • have your property or accounts in your name at a financial institution seized;
  • request that any licenses or permits issued to you by the federal government be suspended (or that renewal of your licenses or permits be denied);
  • suspend your Canadian passport.

Furthermore, a collection fee will be automatically charged to you. Collection fees are adjusted annually and bear interest at the rate set by law. You may also be charged other fees, such as legal costs related to recovery measures.

Note Viewing your file online

You can use the online service in My Account for individuals for viewing support files to get information about the latest payment you made or to view certain communications in your support file.

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