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Lines 10 and 10.1 – Telephone (for texts) and email address

We will notify you of an event in your file by text or email.


Enter either a telephone number that can receive text messages on line 10 or your email address on line 10.1, or both. If you do not complete line 10 or line 10.1, we will send notifications to the email address or telephone number in your file.

A copy of each message will also be sent to your secure inbox in My Account for individuals.

Notifications are sent free of charge. However, charges may apply based on your service contract.
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What triggers a notification ?

Notifications are sent when:

  • your banking information changes
  • your email address or phone number changes
  • we receive your income tax return
  • an event occurs relating to your file
  • any other pertinent situation occurs

Information security

We are committed to keeping your personal information safe. That is why our notices do not contain links or ask you for personal information.

My Account

My Account is a secure space at revenuquebec.ca. To read your notifications, you must be registered for My Account. If you are not yet registered for My Account, see our website for instructions. Check your secure inbox regularly and keep your email address and telephone number (for texts) up to date.

Unsubscribing from notifications and updating preferences

You can unsubscribe from the notification service and change your communication preferences (email and/or text message) at any time in My Account or by contacting us.

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