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QESI Promoters, Trustees and Mandataries

Promoters, trustees and mandataries in the Québec education savings incentive (QESI) field of activity that want to interchange data electronically with us must use products developed or adapted by product developers. To do so, they must first communicate with us to obtain the documents required to register a promoter, trustee or mandatary as a Revenu Québec partner.

Changes concerning corporations

Corporate acquisitions, corporate mergers, corporate restructuring and other corporate changes occur on a regular basis in the sector of financial services and registered education savings plans (RESPs). Such changes can result in, among other things, a new Québec enterprise number (NEQ), a new business name or changes to the types of plans offered.

Under the signed agreement, the promoter or trustee is expected to inform us of any change that produces the kind of results mentioned above at least 60 days before the change. To do so, the promoter or trustee must email a Request for Assistance: Authorized Resource Persons in the Québec Education Savings Incentive Field of Activity (form SW-172-V) to the address given in the form. The following information must be included in the request:

  • the nature of the change (merger, acquisition or sale of assets with respect to RESPs, change of trustee, change of business name, etc.);
  • the new business name (if applicable);
  • the new NEQ (if applicable);
  • the date on which the change(s) will come into effect;
  • the name of the new resource persons (if applicable, in which case form SW-35-V, Authorized Resource Persons Registration Form: Québec Education Savings Incentive, must be filed);
  • any other relevant information.

Please note that all promoter and trustee files must contain up-to-date information so that we can analyze those files to ensure that signed agreements remain applicable and that all our requirements are met.

For more information, email a request for assistance (form SW-172-V) to the address given in the form.

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