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SRM Installers

As an SRM installer authorized by Revenu Québec, you have certain privileges such as:

  • the right to obtain SRMs from the supplier;
  • the right to sell new SRMs;
  • the right to install and activate new or used SRMs in Québec restaurant establishments (bar, restaurant and catering establishments);
  • access to online training on SRM activation and installation;
  • access to technical documentation required for activating and installing SRMs, including the SRM Installer Guide: Models AEC 6822 C3 1010 and AEC 6822 C3 1020 (IN-576), which is in French only;
  • the possibility of creating a non-transactional environment to carry out tests, validate results, train technicians or investigate problems that arise during the everyday use of an SRM.

If you wish to become an SRM installer, go to the Registering as a Partner page.

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