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Information About a Person Associated With a Money-Services Business

When you file a money-services business (MSB) licence application, you need to provide information about each natural and legal person associated with the business. The information is necessary for the security clearance report that the Surêté du Québec issues, which is used to check whether or not the person concerned has previous convictions and is of good moral character.

To provide the information about a person associated with the MSB, you must complete form SM-3.A-V, Declaration of a Person Associated With a Money-Services Business.

You must enclose form SM-3.A-V when you file form SM-3-V, Money-Services Business Licence Application, or form SM-25-V, Money-Services Business: Application to Change Licence Information.

Provide all the information that applies for the person concerned. For a natural person, you should, at a minimum, indicate if the person is:

  • an officer;
  • a person who directly or indirectly owns or controls the business;
  • a manager of one or more of the business's branches;
  • an employee.

Form SM-3.A-V is completed for only one person. Charges will apply for the issue of one security clearance report.


If the person associated with the MSB is a natural person, you must provide a copy of a photo ID of the person issued by the government or a government department or agency showing the person's name and date of birth.

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