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Fees and Tariffs Payable: Money-Services Businesses

You must pay the licence fee for each money service the money-services business (MSB) plans to offer when you file the initial licence application for the service concerned.

The annual fee associated with a money-service licence must be paid by March 31 of each subsequent year.

The tariffs for the fees payable are adjusted on January 1 each year in accordance with the rate of increase of the general consumer price index for Canada for the period ending on September 30 of the previous year.

Fees and tariffs associated with the issue of a security clearance report

An MSB has to get a security clearance report for each natural and legal person with whom the MSB has a business relationship.

You must pay the fees for any security clearance report we request from the Sûreté du Québec when you file your licence application.

New security clearance reports are required when there is any change likely to affect the validity of an MSB's licence.

Payment methods

You can use payment code shown on the SMZ-22.P-V payment slip to make your payment online through your financial institution. You can also get a payment code by calling us at 1 800 567-4692 (option 5).

You can also pay by cheque or money order. If you pay this way, enclose the SMZ-22.P-V or SM-22.B-V payment slip with your cheque or money order made payable to the Minister of Revenue of Québec and send everything to the address shown on the payment slip.

To see the current fees and tariffs, go to the list of fees and tariffs.

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