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Processing Your File

We begin processing files quickly. As soon as we begin processing your file, someone will contact you to ensure that we have all the necessary information and that we fully understand the situation.

We then try to resolve the issue, which can lead to:

  • having Revenu Québec review a decision;
  • clearing up facts;
  • facilitating dialogue with one of Revenu Québec's divisions;
  • correcting a mistake;
  • settling a dispute;
  • explaining a decision;
  • reviewing or improving one of Revenu Québec's procedures and services to better serve clients.

In processing your file, we strive to meet the standards set out in Revenu Québec's service statement, including responding to all complaints within 35 days. Although we reach this goal in 90% of all cases, depending on the complexity of the issue, it may take longer for us to process the file and reach a fair outcome.

Regardless of how your file is processed or the outcome, we will keep you informed from start to finish and make sure you understand the reasons behind the final decision.

For more information, contact us.

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