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Role, Responsibilities and Powers

We are a neutral entity, which means we will defend whichever party—the taxpayer or Revenu Québec—that we deem to be in the right after a thorough analysis of the situation.


Our role is to analyze every file in an unbiased manner, making sure that taxpayers' rights are upheld and their confidentiality protected, and that Revenu Québec's decisions are fair and objective.


Our responsibilities include:

  • taking requests for intervention and complaints from clients who are not satisfied with a decision or service or feel their rights were not upheld;
  • coordinating the processing of requests and complaints;
  • making sure that clients are treated fairly, kept informed and made aware of their rights;
  • ensuring that the Charter of Taxpayers' and Mandataries' Rights is upheld;
  • making recommendations to improve Revenu Québec's services and practices so that clients are better served and problems not repeated.


Like most entities with a similar mandate, we have the power to make recommendations. Should the administrative unit in question disagree with a recommendation, it can take it up with a higher authority, including the vice-president under whose authority it falls or, if need be, the President and CEO of Revenu Québec.

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