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When to Turn to Us

We can intervene if you are not satisfied with:

  • a decision made by Revenu Québec;
  • services you received;
  • the way your file was handled;
  • the application of a law or regulation; or
  • one of Revenu Québec's practices.

We cannot intervene if you:

  • want general information about your or your business's file;
  • need technical support for Revenu Québec's website or online services;
  • want to apply for the cancellation or waiver of interest, penalties or charges;
  • want to file an objection to a notice of assessment or determination;
  • want to file a contestation or bring an appeal;
  • want to denounce another taxpayer.

We may choose not to intervene if we feel that:

  • you are not disclosing all the necessary information or documents;
  • your request is frivolous, vexatious or not being made in good faith;
  • no action on our part is required given the circumstances.

We will always inform you of our decision and explain the reasons behind it.


Contacting the Bureau de la protection des droits de la clientèle neither suspends nor extends the deadlines for exercising your other recourse options.

This means that if you choose to exercise your right to recourse while a request for intervention is underway with the Bureau de la protection des droits de la clientèle, the deadlines for exercising recourse will not change.

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For more information, see Recourse for Your Tax-Related Problems (IN-106-V).

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