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Resumed activities of the ITAVP

The Income Tax Assistance – Volunteer Program resumes its activities through the implementation of three new way to hold tax clinics while limiting physical contact as instructed by public health authorities.

Taxpayers wishing to use the program can refer to the list of tax return preparation sessions or communicate with Canada Revenue Agency or Revenu Quebec by phone to be referred to other organizations.

The purpose of the Income Tax Assistance – Volunteer Program is to provide assistance to people who are unable to complete their income tax returns by themselves and who cannot afford the services of a professional.

The program is jointly administered by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and Revenu Québec. However, it is the collaboration of hundreds of community organizations and thousands of volunteers that makes the program possible.

Each year, the program's volunteers provide tens of thousands of people with assistance in completing their income tax returns. Thanks to this assistance, these people can claim the benefits and credits to which they are entitled.

Community organizations, assisted by their volunteers, hold free income tax return preparation sessions to help eligible individuals with their federal and Québec returns.

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