Income Tax Return – New Residents

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If you were resident in Québec on December 31 of a given taxation year, you are generally required to file a Québec income tax return for that year. Doing so gives you the opportunity to apply for certain assistance programs and claim tax benefits according to your situation.

Note that certain rules apply when you have income from foreign investments, when you receive a pension from a foreign country or when you decide to sell property you owned on the day you became a resident of Canada.

Consult the Income Tax Return section to see how to complete your income tax return.

Why file a return?

Even if you have no income to report or income tax to pay, you must file an income tax return to take advantage of certain social programs, tax credits, etc.

For information about your federal tax obligations, contact the Canada Revenue Agency.

Prevent Identity Theft: Protect Your Information!

Always be careful if you have a family member or someone you trust file your income tax return. Provide only the necessary information to minimize your risk of identity theft, information theft or phishing attempts. See our security tips on how to protect your personal information.


Remember to enter the date you arrived in Canada on your income tax return.

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