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Unclaimed Financial Assets

A financial asset is considered unclaimed if it meets the following three conditions:

  • no claims have been made, no transactions have been performed or no instructions have been given with respect to the asset for a period of three years (see the Guide for Holders: Unclaimed Financial Assets [BD-81.5.G-V] for the specific rules that apply to certain financial assets);
  • the holder has not found the owner or other right-holder; and
  • one of the following situations applies:
    • the last known address of the owner or other right-holder is in Québec,
    • the address of the owner or other right-holder is unknown, and the act establishing the person's rights was concluded in Québec (the asset was acquired in Québec, for example), or
    • the asset is in Québec and the owner or other right-holder is resident outside Québec in a jurisdiction where provisional administration of financial assets is not provided for by law.

Click Claiming a Financial Asset to find out how to go about doing so. 

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