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Types of Unclaimed Financial Assets

We provisionally administer the following unclaimed financial assets:

  • money deposited with a financial institution authorized to accept deposits;
  • funds reserved for payment of certified cheques, drafts or money orders;
  • amounts payable for the redemption of debt securities or other types of interest in a legal person, partnership or trust;
  • funds, securities and other assets received by a securities adviser or broker;
  • funds, securities and other assets held in trust;
  • funds, securities and other assets deposited in a safety deposit box at a financial institution;
  • funds, securities and other assets held by a financial institution as a creditor, pledge holder or custodian;
  • amounts payable under a life insurance contract;
  • assets resulting from the conversion of a mutual insurance association into a joint-stock company;
  • amounts payable under a pension or retirement contract or plan;
  • interest, dividends and other income produced by the assets mentioned above;
  • other assets determined by regulation, such as education savings plans.
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