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How to Transmit Data and Remit Source Deductions of Support

Transmitting data

Log in to My Account for businesses to transmit data concerning source deductions of support for one or more employees or beneficiaries online. You can even remit the source deductions you withheld using the data transmission service.

Remitting source deductions

If you transmitted the data but have not yet remitted the source deductions of support, you can do so in any of the following ways:

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Remitting support payments by mail
  • Remittance slips and return envelopes are issued specifically for each person who must pay support.
  • If you are required to make source deductions of support for more than one person (or more than one source deduction for the same person), make sure that the correct remittance slip is enclosed with each remittance. 
  • The date of payment is the date we receive a payment at one of our offices. However, if we receive a post-dated cheque, the date of payment is the date on the cheque.
  • If you do not have a remittance slip or if you lost the one we sent you and you are making a payment on behalf of a business, you can print a remittance slip from the payment service in My Account. 

Viewing information

Log in to My Account for businesses to view information about source deductions of support (your statement of account, refunds and online payments).

Special case

If you deduct support for more than one person (or if someone is subject to more than one support order and, consequently, to more than one deduction on their remuneration), you can use a list to remit the amounts deducted, instead of remittance slips. However, the list must contain the same information as the remittance slips:

  • the person's name
  • the person's social insurance number
  • the file number
  • the sequential number
  • the amount deducted
  • a space for comments

Please fax notification of your intent to use a list to the person in charge of relations with third parties. They will give you all the necessary information.

514 285-3965
1 888 543-8488 (toll-free)
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