Paying Support Debt in a Lump Sum

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Upon receiving a demand for payment, you can pay the amount due in full through a lump sum payment made:

  • online using a financial institution's online payment service;
  • in person at a financial institution; or
  • by mail.
Paying by mail

To pay by mail:

  • complete the remittance slip (the detachable portion of the demand for payment letter);
  • enclose a cheque or money order made payable to the Fonds des pensions alimentaires (write your file number on the front);
  • send us the slip and payment using the return envelope no later than 10 days following the date you received the letter.
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Regardless of the payment method you choose, contact us to let us know whether you have already paid the amount in full or will be paying it by the 10-day deadline.

By paying in full by the deadline, you avoid collection fees being added to your debt and collection measures being taken.

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