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Paying Support Debt in Instalments

If you are unable to pay your debt in a lump sum within 10 days of receiving a demand for payment, contact us as soon as possible so that we can reach a payment agreement. This will allow you to spread your payments out over time, based on your ability to pay, until your debt is paid in full. You will also avoid the collection measures that could otherwise be taken against you.


The support recipient will have to agree to your payment agreement before we can accept it.

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Before an agreement can be finalized, you may have to provide documents or information about your financial situation or explain what steps, if any, you have taken to get a loan from a financial institution.

If you do not uphold the terms of our agreement, we may cancel it and require immediate payment of your debt.


Collection fees will be charged automatically if you do not settle your debt or enter into a payment agreement within 10 days of receiving a demand for payment.

Furthermore, if you fail to cooperate, we can use a number of administrative and legal measures to collect the amounts you owe.

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