Filing RL-1 Slips

You must file the RL-1 slip (see courtesy translation RL-1-T) in the prescribed form.

To file, you can use:

Note that we do not give any financial compensation to persons who provide their own RL slips.

Filing RL-1 slips with Revenu Québec

If you are filing more than 50 RL-1 slips, you must send them to us online using:

  • software authorized by Revenu Québec (in an XML file); or
  • the services in My Account for businesses.

If you are filing fewer than 51 RL-1 slips, you can send them to us:

  • online using software authorized by Revenu Québec (in an XML file);
  • online using the services in My Account for businesses; or
  • by mail, on paper (in which case, send us only copy 1 of each slip).
  • If you are sending us the RL slips online, do not mail us copy 1 of the paper slips.
  • Make sure you keep the slips on a technology-based medium or on paper for six years after the last taxation year to which they apply.
End of note

When you file RL-1 slips, you must also file the RL-1 summary for the year concerned. Copy 1 of the paper RL-1 slips must be enclosed with the RL-1 summary, unless you file the slips or the summary online.

For more information on filing RL slips online, see the Tax Preparers' Guide: RL Slips (ED‑425-V).

Amending or cancelling an RL-1 slip

To amend or cancel an RL-1 slip that you have already filed, see Amending RL Slips and Cancelling RL Slips.

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