RL-1 Slip – Box H

Enter in box H of an employee's RL-1 slip (see courtesy translation RL-1-T) the total Québec parental insurance plan (QPIP) premiums withheld during the year, including amounts withheld:

Also enter in box H any employee QPIP premium that you paid that is included in box L.

Do not correct the amount in box H if it is too high. Leave the box blank if you did not withhold QPIP premiums.

For information about the amended RL‑1 slip that you must file if an employee repaid employee QPIP premiums that you had paid in a previous year, see Repayment of QPP Contributions and QPIP Premiums.

For more information on how to amend an RL slip, consult Amending RL Slips.

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