RL-1 Slip - Additional Information

When additional information needs to be provided on the RL-1 slip (see courtesy translation RL-1-T), enter a code in one of the blank boxes of the slip, followed by the amount or the corresponding information. You must prepare another RL-1 slip if you have more than four pieces of additional information to enter.

A-1 1,400.68
End of note
Codes and additional information
Code Description
A-1 Employee benefit plan
A-2 Employee trust
A-3 Repayment of salary or wages
A-4 Chainsaw expenses
A-5 Brushcutter expenses
A-6 Remuneration received by a Québec sailor
A-7 Canadian Forces personnel and police deduction
A-9 Deduction for foreign specialists
A-10 Deduction for foreign researchers
A-11 Deduction for foreign researchers on a post-doctoral internship
A-12 Deduction for foreign experts
A-13 Deduction for foreign professors
A-14 Exemption rate
B-1 CPP contribution
D-1 Retirement compensation arrangement
D-2 Contribution for service before 1990: Contributor
D-3 Contribution for service before 1990: Non-contributor
G-1 Taxable benefit in kind
G-2 Pensionable earnings under the CPP
K-1 Trips for medical services
L-2 Volunteer: Compensation not included in boxes A and L
L-3 Tax-exempt allowance for expenses incurred in the course of duties
L-4 Benefit resulting from a debt contracted for the acquisition of investments
L-7 Benefit related to a security option at the time of death
L-8 Election respecting security options
L-9 Security option deduction under section 725.2 of the Taxation Act
L-10 Security option deduction under section 725.3 of the Taxation Act
O-2 Deduction for patronage dividends
O-3 Redemption of preferred shares
O-4 Repayment of wage loss replacement benefits
RZ-CA Wage Earner Protection Program payments1
RZ-CB Tax-free savings account (TFSA)1
RZ-CC Payments to the beneficiary of an RDSP1
RZ-CD Benefits paid to the parents of a crime victim1
RZ-RA Supplementary unemployment benefits1
RZ-RB Scholarships, bursaries, fellowships and prizes1
RZ-RC Research grants1
RZ-RD Fees for services rendered1
RZ-RG Labour adjustment benefits1
RZ-RH Labour adjustment benefits for older workers and income assistance payments1
RZ-RI Benefits paid under a program administered under the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Act (federal statute)1
RZ-RJ Retiring allowance (including an amount paid for the loss of employment)1
RZ-RK Death benefit1
RZ-RL Patronage dividends1
RZ-RM Commissions paid to a self-employed person1
RZ-RN Benefits paid under a wage loss replacement plan1
RZ-RO Benefits received by a shareholder1
RZ-RP Benefits received by a partner1
RZ-RQ Retirement compensation arrangement1
RZ-RR Services rendered in Québec by a person not resident in Canada1
RZ-RS Financial assistance1
RZ-RT Other indemnities paid by the employer further to an industrial accident1
RZ-RU Educational assistance payments from an RESP1
RZ-RV Accumulated income payments from an RESP1
RZ-RX Apprenticeship Incentive Grant1
R-1 Employment income
V-1 Tax-exempt benefit for board and lodging
200 Currency used
201 Allowance for childcare expenses
211 Benefit related to previous employment
235 Premium paid to a private health services plan
  1. You must enter this piece of additional information only if more than one code applies to the amount in box O.

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