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Dissolution of a Corporation or a Partnership

Consumption taxes

You must request that we cancel the GST and QST registration of a corporation or partnership before it is dissolved. You must also request that we cancel its registration for other consumption taxes, if applicable.

If the corporation or partnership holds a permit in the fuel or tobacco sector, you must inform us of the dissolution before the corporation or partnership is dissolved by doing one of the following:

  • filing form LM-4-V, Information Update: Fuel Tax Act and Tobacco Tax Act
  • sending us a letter providing the necessary information

In addition, if the corporation holds an IFTA licence, you must request that the licence be cancelled.

Source deductions and employer contributions

Before a corporation or partnership is dissolved, it must, as an employer, make its final remittance and file the required forms by the prescribed deadlines. For more information, click You Stop Making Remittances.

In addition, you must request cancellation of the corporation's or partnership's registration for source deductions by filing form LM-1.A-V, Request for Cancellation or Variation of Registration.

Income tax – Corporations

You must file a corporation income tax return for the taxation year in which a corporation was dissolved if you are required to file a corporation income tax return for that taxation year.

If you are not required to file a return, you can request that we cancel the corporation's registration for corporation income tax by filing form LM-1.A-V, Request for Cancellation or Variation of Registration.

Directors' liabilities

As a director of a corporation, you are liable for your actions (for example, when you distribute the corporation's property).

Partnership information return

You must file a final information return for the fiscal period that ends on the date that a partnership is dissolved.

Registraire des entreprises

When a corporation or partnership is dissolved, you may have obligations related to the Registraire des entreprises. For more information, click Liquider ou dissoudre une entreprise.

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