Requesting a Balance Statement or Debt Confirmation

If you are a business's mandatary or authorized person, we can provide a balance statement or debt confirmation on request. This document shows the business's balance and whether certain returns have been filed. 

Note Important

The document gives a portrait of the business's situation on the date we process the request. It may no longer be accurate by the time you receive it.

End of note

When might you need a balance statement or debt confirmation?

You might need a balance statement or debt confirmation in the following situations:

  • You are refinancing a business.
  • You are applying for a hypothecary or other loan.
  • You are selling a business, and the buyer is doing their due diligence checks.
  • Your business's property is being seized.
  • You are winding up a business.

How to make a request

To request a balance statement or debt confirmation, contact us. You will need to provide all the following information:

  • the full name, address and telephone number of the person making the request
  • a description of the requested information
  • form MR-69-V, Authorization to Communicate Information or Power of Attorney (if the requested document concerns someone else)

You must also give the following information about the person covered by the request:

  • name
  • address
  • identification and file numbers or Québec enterprise number (NEQ)

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