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GST and QST Instalments

As a rule, you must remit the GST in four quarterly instalments if:

  • you file your returns annually;
  • the net amount of GST you expect to pay for the current year is $3,000 or more; and
  • the net amount of GST you paid for the previous year is $3,000 or more.

The same rule applies to the QST.

You must make your payments within one month after the last day of each quarter of your fiscal year. The return you must file at the end of the year will help you compare the total of your instalment payments with the actual amounts of GST or QST remittable.

You are not required to make instalments if the net GST or QST that you expect to pay for the current year or paid for the previous year is less than $3,000. You can simply file the annual return and remit the net GST and QST payable, or claim your refund.

The $3,000 limit refers to the total net tax payable by the business. If the business has branches or divisions that file separate returns, the limit refers to the total net tax payable by the business as a whole, including the tax collected by its branches and divisions.


Since the QST rate (9.975%) is higher than the GST rate (5%), you may be required to make QST instalments even if you do not have to make GST instalments.

If this applies to you, contact us to obtain form VDZ‑458.0.1‑V, QST Instalments.

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Calculating instalment payments

You can use one of the following forms to calculate the amount of your instalment payments:

Payment methods

You can make your payment in any of the following ways:

  • If you use form FPZ-558-V, you will receive a copy before the due date for each instalment.
  • The date of receipt of a payment is the date on which we receive it or the date on which a financial institution receives it. 
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Viewing payment information

Log in to My Account for businesses to view your payments and statement of account.

Penalties and interest

To avoid being charged late-filing penaltiespenalties for failing to file or interest, see the QST and GST/HST remittance schedules.

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